Since the dawn of man to his existence need heat. Even primitive people warmed their caves. Over the centuries with the development of civilization, mankind invented by developing a better and better solutions in the construction of stoves in their homes. For many years tried to use different fuels, seemingly better and more efficient than wood pushing them aside. The 20 - the age, and particularly in recent years, however, return to the sources. People saw that the face of such rapid development of civilization, and such a drastic decline in natural resources oil, coal and gas, wood is still the cheapest most economical source of heat energy in the world. In many developing countries, as well as rich państwch recognized the advantages of burning wood, sawdust, charcoal and wood based materials (ie bricks). In the Nordic countries several years ago returned to this form of obtaining heat and heating cultivated tree, with ecological and economic reasons. Therefore, countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden are specialized in the construction of fireplaces and stoves. In Poland, for many years enjoyed a professional potter respectful society, and from generation to generation cultivated traditions of the profession. Unfortunately, due to the development of civilization and social change has been slowly pushed into the shadows, just like professional chimney sweep or a blacksmith. In recent years, however, comes back into favor again, because in the economic kryszysu, heating tubing is the cheapest and most effective source for obtaining the heat in the home. Our company for nearly 40 years, celebrating the traditions and specializes in the profession, which is also developing with the development progress of civilization. Therefore, we are open for any news, but still niezapominając of proven solutions, over the history of nursing Potter.


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