About Us

The company has over 40 years experience in the work of stove fitter. Over the years we have tried to cultivate traditions, of course, not forgetting about the progress of technology, closely tracking the news. Using his own experience chose a good and functional solutions, rejecting the ideas and projects that have not made anything in a stove works. We are also open to individual ideas and projects of our customers, and provide comprehensive, accurate and professional assistance for any work stove fitter.

We recommend you:

  • Fireplaces with cast iron insert a heating with hot air, gravity or forced circulation
  • Fireplaces with water jacket, operating in CH mode of interaction with alternative sources of energy (gas stoves, electric, etc.)
  • Cases fireplaces of each type of material (sandstone, natural stone, tile, marble, clinker)
  • Fireplaces:
    1. the heating contribution of firebrick in the furnace closed
    2. with open fire (also unusual large dimensions)
  • Tiled stoves with high performance and functionality, made from a wide variety of tile furnace - a furnace as a stylish piece of furniture (possibility of making tiles to order)
  • Good for decorative tile (the ability to work in the system CH)
  • Grills and grilling-Rigs garden (functional and adorning the garden such as pear-shaped)
  • Smokehouses traditional or according to the project

We can help you to:

  • Installation of all types of fireplaces and the distribution of heat
  • Production of all types of fireplace mantles also according to your design (sketch, photograph, etc.).
  • In selecting the entire range of fireplace
  • The construction of stoves and kitchen of tile
  • Construction grills, barbecues, grill-smokehouse, smokehouse, bread ovens (any size and shape)
  • Broad-based advice in selecting the entire range

A wide range of works potter:

  • Service fireplaces, stoves, kitchen tile, etc.
  • Renovation (switching) and the kitchen tiled stoves
  • Cleaning the chimney wall without interference from the bottom of the chimney (the maximum length of the flue to 25 m)
  • Construction and repair chimney flues
  • Install a chimney flues in stainless steel tubes
  • Abnormal stove (if you have any unusual problems, please do not hesitate to call, and we will try to resolve any problems)

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us!


tel. 509 737 857